The Top 10 Reasons To Work With A Staffing Firm

The Top 10 Reasons To Work With A Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing firm provides several benefits and opportunities for job seekers.

According to the American Staffing Association, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week. This is no surprise, as employers are relying on staffing firms more than ever to manage and fill open positions.

Working with a staffing firm also provides several benefits and opportunities for job seekers. Here are 10 reasons why working with a staffing firm is a good career move for today’s job seeker:

  1. Keep current/avoid gaps in resumes: Employers like to hire job seekers with a consistent work history. Working with a staffing firm keeps job seekers current, and avoids any extended time off from work – which can be a red flag for some recruiters hiring for permanent roles.
  2. Add new skills: Each job provides a chance to add to your skillset or work on unique projects. Every company uses different technologies and systems which only adds to one’s career skills. Employers like job seekers who are current, or have a depth of skills/experiences they can market on a resume, or bring to a team.
  3. Make new contacts: That co-worker or supervisor you work with in a staffing role could become a reference, or contact for future jobs. Prove your ability to do the job, and they will speak highly of you when searching for your next role. Also, that co-worker or supervisor may move to a new company, and keep you in mind when looking to fill other roles, or serve as a referral to help you get in with the company.
  4. Provides a steady paycheck: Working with a staffing firm in a temporary role keeps money coming in. You can’t beat that.
  5. Flexibility: Working with a staffing firm gives job seekers options. There could be a few different roles to choose from, or if one role isn’t the right fit, the recruiter with a staffing firm can work with you to find a role that is a better match now, or in the future.
  6. Try before you buy: Employers like to hire through temporary staffing agencies so they can test out employees before committing long-term. Job seekers can do the same thing. Not every employer is a match for every person, and working in a temporary role gives you the opportunity to continue to find the right fit employer that fits your career goals and aspirations.
  7. See how different workplaces do things: Working with a variety of companies can open job seekers up to new management styles, different corporate cultures, and different co-workers. It also gives job seekers a chance to learn about different policies and processes, and use/learn different technologies. This only makes the job seeker more flexible and valuable as they progress or move on in their career.
  8. Hidden job market: Some employers only list their job openings with staffing firms. This gives job seekers access to job openings and companies others do not have along with access to jobs you wouldn’t have been able to find on your own.
  9. Keep resume/interviewing skills sharp: Working with a staffing firm forces job seekers to update their resume and interview more often. It gets job seekers in job search mode – from wearing a suit to an interview, to standing out in a panel interview with multiple people, and more. Practice makes perfect – especially in the job search.
  10. It’s the future, and the future is now: Many companies are relying on staffing firms to fill short-term, contract, or temp-to-hire roles. The gig economy is also expanding and it’s not uncommon for job seekers to consistently pursue new or different opportunities with a variety of employers. Working with a staffing firm provides new and unique opportunities that long-term permanent roles with the same company do not.

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