7 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

7 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

To adjust to changes, smart employers should consider hiring temporary employees, and the most efficient way to hire outstanding temporary employees is by partnering with a staffing firm.

Dedicated, loyal employees can be key to a company’s long-term success. That’s why employers work hard to recruit, hire, train, and build a staff that produces quality work and fits the company culture.

But the reality is: every hire isn’t going to be a rock star, let alone the right fit. As companies grow/change, add new clients, or secure new business, their hiring needs change. To adjust to those changes, smart employers should consider hiring temporary employees, and the most efficient way to hire outstanding temporary employees is by partnering with a staffing firm.

We look at seven reasons why here:

1. Saves Employers Time and Money

Staffing agencies are responsible for doing all the time-consuming dirty work when it comes to hiring – recruiting, interviewing, screening, checking references, conducting assessments or skills testing, and ensuring the candidate is the right fit (personality/work style) for your company.

Having a staffing agency hire a temp employee for you allows your HR department (or other employees who don’t recruit/hire for a living but are forced to make hiring decisions) to focus on what they are best. Relieving your employees of conducting the hiring tasks frees up their time and being able to focus on their work without exceeding deadlines or overtime restriction, saves you money.

2. Try Before You Buy

Offering someone a permanent role is a big commitment – especially if you’ve only learned about them through their resume, checking references, and a few interviews. The reality is, you only truly get to know a candidate once they work with your company for a while. Can they do the job? Are they dedicated? Do they fit in with the rest of the department/team?

Hiring temporary employees allows a company the opportunity to learn all those things before offering a permanent role. If it’s not the right fit both the temporary worker and employer simply go their separate ways once the contract is completed. No need to keep an employee who is the wrong fit and hope it eventually works out –in most cases it won’t!

3. Fill Open Roles Faster

Recruiting firms have a pipeline of qualified active and passive candidates they can reach out to. In most cases, they’ve already interviewed these candidates and added them into their system. Staffing agencies can find qualified candidates to fill open roles in a matter of a few days. If your hiring on your own, it can take months for you to place a job ad, collect resumes, vet candidates, interview, and offer a job. And that’s only if you find the right candidate during your search process.

4. Add Staff for Busy Season/Key Projects

Do you have a time of the year that’s considered your busy season? Did you recently secure a big contract but don’t have the staff to complete the work on time? Hiring temporary employees can help employers solve both problems.

5. Fill-in as needed

Workers go on vacation, take maternity/paternity leave, or are out for planned, or unexpected, medical leaves. What is an employer to do in these scenarios? Hiring temporary employees is a great way to fill in for all these situations, without leaving your team short-handed.

6. Boosts Team Morale

Bringing in temporary employees to assist permanent employees shows your current team members that the company values their time, and work-life balance. Hiring temporary workers for big projects or to fill specific needs shows the company cares, and doesn’t want to simply dump new work on existing employees. That leads to burnout and frustration, which can result in key employees seeking new jobs.

7. New Ideas

The world of work has changed. There are thousands of job seekers who enjoy the opportunity to work with a staffing agency in temporary, short-term, long-term, or contract roles. They enjoy meeting new people, taking on new career challenges, learning about new businesses, and working in different environments. Because of this experience, they can bring new ideas to the table. Temporary employees are smart, talented, and driven, just like permanent employees, but want more workplace flexibility. Hiring temporary employees provides the opportunity for existing staff to possibly learn new tricks from temp employees. You can’t beat that.

Smart employers look for innovative ways to solve hiring challenges. One way to solve staffing challenges is by hiring temporary employees – and these seven examples show the benefits of doing just that.

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