5 Industrial and Manufacturing Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of

5 Industrial and Manufacturing Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of

All the modern tech entering the manufacturing industry has led to dozens of cool and unique job titles.

The manufacturing industry has faced some unfair stereotypes over the past few decades. Manufacturing workers are talented people armed with advanced and specialized skills that allow them to excel in their sectors. Manufacturing employers operate in state-of-the-art facilities outfitted with the latest and greatest technology and innovation.

A career in manufacturing offers highly sophisticated training, which is changing how job seekers view the industry overall. Informed job seekers have realized how appealing technology is making in both manufacturing and industrial roles.

Brent Weil, senior vice president of The Manufacturing Institute, discussed the changing face of the manufacturing industry in the Society of Human Resources Management article HR Gets Creative to Hire Manufacturing Workers “Manufacturing today is modern and high-tech,” said Weil.

All the modern tech entering the manufacturing industry has led to dozens of cool and unique job titles. To give you a preview, here are 5 awesome industrial and manufacturing jobs titles you may have never heard of.

1. Biological and Scientific Modeling Engineering

The International Data Corporation is forecasting that the 3D printing industry will increase by 20% in 2018. The surging and lucrative industry is leading to a large demand for 3D printing jobs.

Engineers with biological and scientific modeling backgrounds are needed in the 3D printing industry to help create prosthetics, defense equipment, drones, and more. That’s why engineers, modelers, and designers with interests in aerospace, medical, military, or other areas where 3D printing can make an impact, are in-demand.

2. Data Scientist

When you hear the title data scientist, you’re probably thinking IT, right? Sure, that’s part of it, but data scientists are making an impact across all industries, including manufacturing and industrial sectors. As more and more manufacturing companies implement machine learning and artificial intelligence into their business practices, the need for data scientists with specific backgrounds in industrial/manufacturing is going to continue to increase. Data scientists with backgrounds or an interest in manufacturing can position themselves for success in high-paying roles with strong job security.

3. Industrial Designer

Industrial designers develop concepts and designs for manufactured products. Typically, industrial designers specialize in singular product category such as automobiles, furniture, or housewares. Their work requires them to be imaginative and persistent in communicating their ideas about new product design.

A bachelor’s degree in an area like industrial design, engineering, or architecture is essential for this career. Internships and a work portfolio can be helpful in securing entry-level positions as an industrial designer. What’s more, industrial designers are responsible for the look of many of the products bought, used, and consumed every day – and can work in any manufacturing or industrial sector across the world.

4. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers work in a manufacturing, process, or service industry and are responsible for the design and arrangement of the plant and equipment to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. An industrial engineer is concerned with the ways in which people, information, materials, and products interact with and move through the plant. They work with a team to design manufacturing equipment and materials to create ergonomically-sound plant layouts.

5. Manufacturing Controls Cyber Security Engineer

As manufacturing systems continue to rely on technology, big data, AI, and machine learning, the more vulnerable systems are for cyber disruption. Now, more than ever, manufacturers need qualified cyber security engineers to bolster their defenses. The ideal person for this role possesses hands-on experience with IT security technologies in a manufacturing environment.

Another closely related job is a digital risk engineer, who is hired by companies in manufacturing and industrial sectors to also thwart cyber disruptions.

Launch Your Industrial/Manufacturing Career with Reliable Resources

In addition to these unique technical skills, the best industrial/manufacturing employees have strong interpersonal skills, a keen ability to solve problems, and strong communication skills. Those who move into leadership roles in the industry need to have the ability to communicate non-technical information to key stakeholders, such as company leadership and decision makers.

It’s an exciting time to pursue manufacturing careers. These are just a few of the many unique, and fast-growing jobs in the innovative manufacturing and industrial sectors.

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